Posts for Page – WordPress Plugin

I really needed a way to show summarised posts by for a particular category or set of tags under the heading of a single page and could not find a suitable plugin, so I decided to write one.

If you go to the page link “ASP.Net” in the header of this site you will see snipped posts from the category ASP.Net. If you click on “HTML/CSS/jQuery” what you see is summarised versions of the posts tagged with either ‘HTML’, ‘CSS’ or ‘jQuery’.

How to use the plugin:

  • Create a new page. Switch to HTML view.
  • Insert the shortcode: [posts-for-page cat_slug='asp-net-programming-2']
  • This option will show a summary (defaulted to 50 words) of all posts in the category with this slug


  • cat_slug – Show all posts with this category slug
  • cat – Show all posts with a particular category ID
  • tag_slug – Show all posts with a specific tag (more than one can be entered – comma separated, i.e. tag_slug=’html,css’ (note: no spaces)
  • order_by – Order the posts by ‘date’ or ‘title’
  • post_id – Show one post
  • author – Show posts by author (supply author id)
  • num – Limit the number of posts to show
  • hide_images (true/false) – If images are a problem they can be hidden using: hide_images=’true’
  • Added in V1.5 (Pagination if number of posts is specified e.g. num=’x’)
  • read_more – Replace default read more text (i.e. read_more=’Show me more…’)
  • prev_text – Replace default Previous entry link text when specifying number of posts (i.e. prev_text=’Newer’)
  • next_text – Replace default Next entry link text when specifying number of posts (i.e. next_text=’Older’)
  • show_full_posts(true/false) – Show full post rather than excerpt (i.e. show_full_posts=’true’)
  • Added in v1.6
  • use_wp_excerpt – set to ‘true’ to show the WP generated excerpt or the excerpt if defined for the post
  • strip_html : set to ‘true’ attempts to strip all HTML content (if not using use_wp_excerpt option)
  • hide_post_content : set to ‘true’ to only show the post titles
  • show_meta : set to ‘true’ to show post date and author name
  • hide_post_title : set to ‘true’ to hide the post title, e.g. if you just want to show one post using post_id
  • Added in v1.7
  • hide_read_more : set to ‘true’ to hide the read more link
  • create_para_tags : set to ‘true’ to use the WP ‘wpautop’ function to create <p> tags and <br> tags from line breaks
  • order : set to ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’ – Designates the ascending or descending order of the ‘orderby’ parameter. Defaults to ‘DESC’
  • Added in v2.0
  • Plugin will now attempt to find an image in the content even if no image attached to post unless hide_images set to true
  • Image dimensions can be set using force_image_height, or force_image_width

Note: Each summary posts is contained in a div with  class=”pfpItem”, so you can override styles by setting them in the WP stylesheet “styles.css”. E.g.


Example Usage:

[posts-for-page cat_slug='asp-net-programming-2' num='5' read_more='
Read More »' use_wp_excerpt='true' show_meta='true' force_image_width='150']


  • Grab the plugin files:
  • Unzip and copy the files to your WordPress wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Goto your admin plugins page and activate it.
  • The follow the instructions above for usage.

If its helped you out maybe you could:

You can also find the plugin on the Official WordPress Plugins Site.

If you want to contribute to the code it is hosted on github:

  • Simon

    Found a bug which was limiting the number of posts that would be generated if no limit was passed in via ‘num’. This is fixed in V1.2

  • silq

    the plugin isn’t working properly for 3.3.1 posts still show on the front page and other pages regardless of thier separate categories

  • Simon

    Hi, not sure what you mean. This plugin just shows the posts you select on a page and summarises them – it doesn’t remove them from other pages where they would already normally display.

  • Eric Rothoff

    Having problems with your plugin. After the recent update, I get the message, “Items for Page: There are no posts that match the selection criteria.” I was actually able to fix that problem, by taking the ‘ ‘ off of around the category slug. But I am still having a problem with the formatting of the summaries. The pictures are all over the place. Any suggestions?

    • Simon

      Sorry you are having a problem with it Eric. I am using this on two pages here without problems (v1.1) – has a post with an image in it. The plugin is not very intelligent I wonder if it is chopping the image URL in the wrong place. If you move the image to earlier or later in the post does it make a difference? I need to think on how to get around that if it does.

  • http://Issue J

    Simon, I’m having the same issue re: pictures for multiple posts.

    • Simon

      Latest version V1.5 should resolve these issues.

      I also noticed on the test page you are missing quotes around the slug, it should be like cat_slug=’slugtext’

  • http://Issue J

    Basically, the pics seem to come out at original size (instead of a standard size), which misaligns everything on the call.

    • Simon

      I see, will have a look into it. I am not sure what does the rescaling of the images on your site – is it a theme or plugin or just a setting on standard wordpress?

      • http://Issue J

        Hey Simon. Not sure, I assume it’s the theme. The plugin is awesome, I just need the images to be uniform in size.

        • Simon

          Latest version V1.5 should resolve these issues.

  • DenisC

    I too had a problem with no items found. I removed all the other HTML on my page and just left the shortcode and it worked perfectly.

  • DenisC

    Small snag. When my images have a “[caption]” the html gets displayed.

    I can see a painful workaround of removing the caption from all my posts but it would be much easier if the plugin just ignored them completely.

    Otherwise this is a great little plugin. Well done Simon.

    • DenisC

      Ok. I’ve removed all the captions from my post images to avoid having the raw html appear on the page. Looks really good now. Just going to try tweaking the css file to make these pages look more like the native twentyten category menus.

  • gold star

    i put in html pan [posts-for-page cat_slug='sport'] but it pulled my left menu away. Any idea how to fix this?

    • Simon

      Make sure you enter the shortcode in HTML view. It looks to me like there is a missing closing tag in your posts HTML markup, so that each post is being put inside the previous one (including the sidebar).

      I will also look at options in the plugin to try and close all HTML tags in any posts it finds.

  • DenisC

    Gold Star

    Sorry I can’t help you on your disappearing left menu. Your test page shows no signs of a menu at all and I can see a sidebar appearing on the right. I’ll have to leave it to Simon to help you on this matter.

    In the meantime, you could use a Menu item selecting the ‘sport’ category. That’s what I’m using for now until I can figure out exactly how to change the css for pfpItem attributes.

    I find that the plugin-generated page doesn’t quite match the one generated by the normal Menu selection. For example, each post title comes us as h1 instead of h2. Perhaps it is using its own template (or something like that). That may account for your disappearing left menu.

  • Simon

    Hi Denis, I will look at the H1/H2 issue you are right it should probably be H2. If you need any help with the CSS let me know. Basically each post it find is enclosed in a ‘pfpItem’ div, so you can overide it by including div.pfpItem{ set some css } in your main stylesheet.css

    • Denis


      I’ve tried setting a style in my style.css file. I’ve got it working but I’m a real NOVICE. I want to control the style of each HTML element e.g. p separately from h1. For example, if I set the color to red on the entire div.pfpItem{color:red;}, the impact seems to be to change the color only on the p element. I don’t get red on the h1 text. I realise this is pretty basic stuff. Can you advise how I control the h1 element style separately from the p element style?

      The other question I have is Can I use the pfp.css file instead of making the changes to my style.css file?

      • Simon

        That will be because the h1 colour is being set specifically by some other css. i.e. css selectors based on and ID rather than Class would have precedence. Without knowing your them etc it is hard to say. What you can try is to set the items H1 directly like “div.pfpItem h1{color:red;}”.
        You can use pfp.css but it will get overwritten if you update the plugin automatically rather than manually in future.

        • Denis

          Wow! You reply so quickly. Excellent!

          Still haven’t succeeded in figuring out which part of my css controlling the h1 and overriding my changes to the style. I understand the issue of losing the pfp.css file during an update of the plugin

          In fact, after studying your php code and comparing the generated html to what gets generated by a standard “category” menu I decided it would be easier for me to change your php code. It now works exactly the way I want it to.

          It only required changes to 3 lines of your code:
          1) I changed your h1 to h2. To the h2 element I added a class of “entry-title”. 2) To the line that adds the excerpt text, I added a class of “entry-summary” to the p element. 3) Finally, I modified your “Read More!” link to read “Continue reading”. This last change involved replacing your 3 dots with a hellip character, changing the text of the link to “Continue reading”, adding a right arrow character and moving the slash p from appearing after the excerpt to appearing after the right arrow. If you want to see the result have a look at

          I realise that I will lose these changes if you update your plugin. That’s something I’ll live with. Of course if you liked my changes and put them into your plugin, that would be great. Alternately, you might add some “option” to your [post-for-pages] shortcode to achieve these results.

          Your plugin is really needed and works great. I’m unable to find another that even comes close.

          I hope I haven’t offended you by suggesting/making these changes.

          Thanks again.


          • Simon

            Hi Denis,

            No problem I appreciate you taking time too feed back your comments and detail what you have done to make it useful for you.

            I will take your feedback on board and see what I can include in the plugin itself – someone else also mentioned the default H tag should be H2 rather than H1 so I will certainly change that.

            No offense taken at all your suggestions are much appreciated. I just need to find time to update the plugin in between my busy days 🙂



  • ryan

    experiencing the same issue – its just telling me
    Items for Page: There are no posts that match the selection criteria.

    Im using this in brackets [ ]
    posts-for-page author=lively

    thanks for your help!

    • Simon

      You need to put the author in single quotes. e.g. [posts-for-page cat_slug='asp-net-programming-2'] is how it is used on this site (using category name)

      • erama

        I can’t show author’s posts on pages. I put this code on page:

        [posts-for-page author='master']

        “Items for Page: There are no posts that match the selection criteria.”

        is it a bug?, or don’t I know put the right code?.


        • Ben

          I’m having the same problem and can’t figure it out

  • gold star

    Sorry guys, my issue is with the theme. Changed theme and it seem to be fine now. Keep up the good works.

  • Vuokko

    Hi! Can I show full posts instead of summaries? I can’t seem to find a plugin that sorts posts by tag, uses shortcodes and shows full posts. Help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

    • Simon

      It doesn’t do this at the moment but I’ll have a look at adding the option to do so.

    • Johan

      This is a feature I’m very interested in too.

      • Jes

        I am also very interested in this feature 🙂

      • Simon

        This should be in the next release – working on it now.

      • Simon

        V1.5 will now show full posts (show_full_posts=’true’).

    • Simon

      V1.5 will now show full posts (show_full_posts=’true’).

  • roshan

    i want to set border and list post same as in the home page in this theme.Pls help me i am new in wp..

  • samy jain

    It was my dream to get this plugin but my blog is a image blog and i dont use featured image for posts now when i use this plugin it does not crop the images, it shows them in full size which makes my page about a mile long lolzzz

    Please add two features:

    1. Cropping of images to desired dimensions
    2. To shows posts in colums and rows.


    • Simon

      V1.5 now sets the image using the WP thumbnail if it is available.

  • Tom


    Plugin seems to be working great in the job that it set out to do. However, I was hoping to tweak it a little, but keep getting fatal errors when I do so.

    Can you suggest how we might paginate the results with navigation (have 5 posts per page and have an ‘older entries’, ‘newest entries’) navigation on the bottom?

    Also, if I could figure out how best to re-size the image in the excerpt, that would be excellent. I think my theme uses timthumb and used something like the following to bring a re-sized image into blog pages:

    <a href='’ title=”><img class="fadeover" src="/timthumb.php?src=/images/thumbnail.png&w=285&h=160″ alt=”” width=’285′ height=’160′ />

    • Simon

      I have just updated the plugin to use the WordPress image thumbnail in version 1.4.
      You can also hide images using the option hide_images=’true’.
      As long as thumbnails have been created by WP it should be fine. Supporting varying themes is very difficult.

      I am going to look into the paging (older, newer) options next.

      • Simon

        Pagination added in V1.5 available now.

  • DenisC


    I’ve hit a snag. On most posts with images, the excerpt presented on the page is fine (e.g. But I’ve got a post with a full size image at the top of the page. In this case, the excerpt includes the full size image which is not a good look. I had hoped for a thumbnail. Compare the page I created using your plugin with a page generated by a ‘category’ menu at

    In my quest to resolve this problem I was rummaging around to see how that category menu pages are generated. I think they are being processed by a file called “loop.php” which is part of the theme. I don’t know enough php yet but I would have expected you could somehow “call” this php from your plugin instead of having to write your own loop to build the excerpt with explode/implode processing. Just an idea.


    • Simon

      Hi Denis,
      I have just updated the plugin to use the WordPress image thumbnail in version 1.4.

      You can also hide images using the option hide_images=’true’.

      Let me know how this works for you. It works well for me but it is hard to tell what differing themes do.

      • DenisC

        Thanks Simon for all the improvements. Using “h2” looks much better on the titles. Using the thumbnail image works great and has completely fixed the problem I had with full-size images appearing. I tried your “hide_images” option and it worked perfectly.
        I know I’m being cheeky but can I make a few more suggestions?
        1-The “Read More” label would look better closer to the excerpt ,for example, immediately after the three dots.
        2-Even better would be an option to replace the “Read More” label with my own text.
        3-Any chance of offering another sort sequence like “order_by=’post_slug'”
        Excellent work Simon. Thanks again.

        • Simon

          Hi Denis,
          V1.5 – The read more label can now be set using read_more=’text’ – can include html like
          to put it on a new line.
          I looked at the sort order but with pagination added etc using standard WP calls I can not easily implement this as the WP call does not support it.

          • Denis

            With v1.5 I have now replaced all my “category” menus with my own “page” using
            [page-for-posts cat_slug=’mycategoryslug’].
            The resulting page looks great. Much tidier. Since it is a “page” I can now suppress the sidebar on the page (if that’s what I want) and I can also set a unique feature header image that relates to that category. It gives me all the control I need. Well done Simon. 5 out of 5. I’m going to recommend your plugin to some of my mates who manage wp web sites.

          • Simon

            Thats great to hear Denis, thanks a lot for all your feedback and suggestions 🙂

        • Simon

          Note: I also took in your changes to add the entry-title and entry-summary classes where appropriate.

          • DenisC


  • Amogh Desai


    I too am having a problem with the thumbnail problem. the images are not resized and show up in the list. It looks ugly im not good at PHP. but can you suggest a solution ??
    check it out

    the last post about 4g shows a big image. is there a way we can make a standard image size for all the images pulled by this plugin ??


    • Simon

      I have just updated the plugin to use the WordPress image thumbnail in version 1.4.
      You can also hide images using the option hide_images=’true’.

  • Tom

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to Simon for his ongoing commitment to this plugin.
    The recent updates have addressed any issues (that I had at least) amd the plugin rocks.

    My only slight problem was that cat_slug= wasn’t working for me, but using cat= with the category number works just fine.

    You can see it in action here:

    • Simon

      Hi Tom, Thanks a lot for the feedback its nice to get some positive responses. Love the site by the way, that page works really well actually 🙂

      Not sure what the issue is with the cat_slug, heres how it is used on my page: [posts-for-page cat_slug='asp-net-programming-2' num='5' read_more='Read More »']

      Make sure you have no spaces and maybe just double check the slug string is correct for the page in the admin.

  • Sasha

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the great plugin! I’m using the following shortcode:
    [posts-for-page tag_slug='shoestring']

    on this page:

    Is there a way to make the image it pulls through the featured image I create and upload to the post page rather than the thumbnail WordPress creates? You’ll see the images I’m creating are a slightly smaller thumbnail size with my own border (e.g.: and I’d like this image to also appear on the pages I’m pulling through these posts using the plugin.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


  • matt

    Hi – great plugin! I noticed I had to change

    order_by=”title” to order_by=”page_title”

    to get the sorting to work properly on my site (WP 3.3.2).

    • matt

      nevermind – didn’t realize that paging overrides the ordering.

  • Atul Chitnis

    Just FYI:

    [posts-for-page cat_slug=’myslug′]

    doesn’t work for me, but this does:
    [posts-for-page cat_slug=’myslug′]

    Ditto any other options that take a parameter.

    Do I sense a PHP magic-quotes messup somewhere?

    Love this plugin, thanks a lot for the hard work!

    Bangalore, India

    • Simon

      Are you sure you are entering the code in HTML view rather than visual view in the editor?

      If so and its still a problem I’ll look into it 🙂

      thanks for the feedback, Simon.

      • Atul Chitnis

        Definitely HTML view 🙂 I am not much of a WYSIWYG guy 🙂

        • Simon

          Hmm how odd, I wonder if it is to do the theme or a conflict with another plugin which is altering the shortcode, I have not been able to replicate the problem.

  • Corrie

    Hi, great plugin! I’m able to get posts to feed to the page and they look great, however it seems that they’re duplicating. Why might that happen? Thanks for your help!

    Here is the code I used: [posts-for-page cat_slug=participants]

    This is the page:

    You can see that it shows each post in the category, then scrolls it again. Any suggestions? Many thanks!


    • Simon

      Hi Corrie,
      The only thing I can see is that participants is missing the quotes around it so it should be [posts-for-page cat_slug='participants'] and you should enter it in HTML view (not visual view).

  • Rosie

    Is it possible to remove the effect where the post title changes when you hover over it with the mouse.


    • Simon

      Hi Rosie,

      It is using the standard post H2 tag.

      You could overide the style in your stylesheet.css with something like

      div.pfpItem h2 a:hover
      color: #yourcolor;

      • Rosie

        Thanks! Great plugin, my site is looking much better!

  • Shawn Steaphen

    How would I add the making the full post view?

    I have:

    [posts-for-page cat_slug=’fundraising′]

    how do I add:

    • Simon

      [posts-for-page cat_slug='fundraising' show_full_posts='true']

      • Ian

        I noticed on an implementation of show_full_posts=’true’ that the formatting of my post has completely disappeared. Is there a fix for this in the works?

  • Stacey

    under Health news is where I use the plug in however I have to set all my post to aside format otherwise it shows up at the bottom of my home page for some reason.

  • Greg

    Hi Simon,
    After weeks of searching I stumbled upon your Plugin. It is the first option that has given me anything close to what I need.

    I am still having some problems with the thumbnail images not showing in the list, though. All I get is the html for the image. I tried removing the [caption] like Denis did but the results are the same. I left one captioned and one un-captioned so you could see. The images are generated from the wp media folder so there shouldn’t be any other plugin that is interfering.

    The text seems to be kind of crowded as well, unlike your HTML/CSS/jQuery example. Is there a way to make it look more like your example?

    Thanks for your great plug-in!!!


    • Simon

      Hi Greg, I can see the problem, not obvious what is causing it. I will have a look at it (on holiday at the moment). When I get back next week I will look at the various issues people are having. Didn’t expect it to be quite so popular.

  • Steve

    Thanks for your plugin. It is the first that I have come across that nearly achieves all I need. A couple of questions though…
    Is it possible to reduce the title text size? It doesn’t look neat with the theme I’m using.
    Also, I am having the issue of images appearing for some pages and not others. Is it possible to grab the featured image instead? Also can it appear to the left of the title, instead of to the left of the first line?
    All small issues really, but I’d love to see these if possible. Thanks for all your work so far. You have a lot of happy WordPressers!

    • Simon

      You can use div.pfpItem{} to set the CSS or overide existing CSS like the H2 header could be overidden using div.pfpItem h2 { font-size:12px; } etc.

      You can also use this CSS to control the layout of the image div.pfpItem img{} etc.

      There does seem to be some issues with some themes. I am going to look at the option to use the WP native excerpt function, it may help in these cases.

      • Glen

        Hoping you made some headway on the Image issue. I use the wp-church theme and image doesn’t show up on the page. Tried using CSS to define specific image settings but no luck.

        • Glen

          I got it .. had to use full post true didn’t realize that

          Thanks for the great plugin

      • Gino

        Great plugin!
        It helped me bring my blog to the middle of my homepage (‘Resources’ section). However, I’ve tried to make the blog titles in a smaller font using the code: div.pfpItem h2 { font-size:12px; } and I’m not having any luck.
        I’m not really versed in code, could explain in detail where this needs to be pasted in?

        • Simon

          You need to go into WP Admin, Apearance and put it into the styles.css file.

  • John Bernardin

    Hi Simon,

    Your plugin is just what I need for posting a couple of the latest news items on our teams home page. Unfortunately, the “Older Posts” link doesn’t work. I’d like to have it say “More News” and have it simply link all the news.

    Thanks, in advance, for your help.


    • Gino

      My ‘Older Entries’ link doesn’t work either, how can I change the page it links to and the title of the link?

      • Simon

        Not sure, it should work if there are more posts than you have set to display. There is no way to change the page this links to or what the text is at the moment sorry.

  • Alain Picard

    How the pagination works?
    Also can we make a sort “asc”?

    thank you!

    • Simon

      If you specify max number of posts it will automatically add pagination, e.g. num=’10′

      I will have to look at sorting ASC.

      • Alain Picard

        Ok thanks.
        How about make it directly before the posts loop?

  • Alain Picard

    Any issue with the sorting on WordPress 3.3.1 ?
    I tried: sort_by=”post_title”

    Thank you.

  • RZV

    Hello i have a problem after i instaled your plugin in category is showing full post i what to show only summary .

  • VoC Admin

    Thank you for a great plugin! Just started using it on our website/blog.


    Just a question (or request for a future update). Is there any way to include the date of the blog post and/or the author? I have the plugin displaying posts from a category but would like to have the month and year of the post appear between the title and the summary.

    • Simon

      V1.61 Adds ‘show_meta’, use: show_meta=’true’ which will display post date and author.

  • ZLL Info

    Is there a way to hide the excerpt? I’d just like a list of the available posts and the thumbnail, but not the excerpt.

    Thanks for a great plug-in!

    • Simon

      I’ll have to add it as an option. Just back from a holiday will take a look over the comments over next week.

      • Laura


        may there also be a possibility to show only the titles of the category-posts in a list?

        Thanks 🙂


        • Simon

          V1.61 Adds ‘hide_post_content’, set: hide_post_content=’true’ to hide the content and just show the titles.

  • Chris Isaac


  • Paul

    Great plugin!

    It is great to be able to filter messages based on categories an tags!

    One feature request: I would like to be able to filter messages on custom taxonomies as well.

    In my site i have added a custom taxonomy ‘companies’ to provide some kind of new tag-set with only company names. Clicking on a company-name now will show all newsarticles related to that company. When this requested feature is provided, I can provide a page per company with fixed background-info and a dynamic overview of the most recent newsarticles already embeded. This would be great!

    • Peter

      That’s on my wishlist as well! but then based on Custom Post Types. I have made a CPT ‘companies’ and i’m not using a custom taxonomy. My end goal is similar to your question

  • mark

    Awesome plugin! Is there an (easy) way to suppress the title of the post when I pull in full content?

    Thanks for all your work!

    • Simon

      V1.61 Adds ‘hide_post_title’, set: hide_post_title=’true’ to hide them.

  • VoC Admin

    Pardon my ignorance, I am no CSS guru. I am getting a 403 error for the pfp.css. Is this why I am having trouble overriding css styles for your plugin?

    Any advice on the 403 error?

    I’m using WordPress 3.3.2 and a theme from ElegantThemes.

    • VoC Admin

      You can ignore this question as it turns out it was a server settings problem with Front Page Extensions.

  • Brian of London

    Thank You for a great plug in. I’m using it here:

    I’m seeing one piece of odd behaviour which is that it isn’t using the image for the first post in the list.

    One request: for the post summary could we use the hand crafted Excerpt instead of the first 50 characters?

    • Simon

      V1.61 Adds ‘use_wp_excerpt’, set: use_wp_excerpt=’true’ to load the WP based excerpt.

  • Chris Isaac

    … i cant understand why new article does not show the Article Thumbnail….

  • Edward Owen

    Great plug in! Really fills a need. Thanks!!!

  • Aaron

    Hey, first I want to say how much I like the plugin, it’s really helpful. I am experiencing one issue though, on this page ( I am trying to add only the posts categorized under the slug “videos-multimedia,” but all of my posts seem to be coming up. Any thoughts?

  • SSK

    Thank you very much for sharing this plugin, it was exactly what I needed. Cheers! =)

  • kernel

    [posts-for-page author='username']
    am i doing this right? i just want to display post made by an author

    • kernel

      OH! uses ID not the username… thanks for the plugin its great

  • kernel

    is there a simpler way to show post title and dates?

    • Simon

      V1.61 Adds ‘show_meta’, use: show_meta=’true’ to display post date and author.

  • Wendy

    How do you add meta info or date?

    • Simon

      V1.61 Adds ‘show_meta’, use: show_meta=’true’ to display post date and author.

  • Kunthea

    Hi Simon,

    your plugin great but 1 thing that I can not fix because of i can not display only post id or post slug that i want to display, But it was show all of post even is not relate slug or category id.
    here sample on my site ,

    any commend on this issue?


    • Simon

      Make sure you are entering the shortcode in HTML view (not visual view) in the editor.

  • Anne

    Great plug in 🙂 I’ve been using this for most of my websites I develop. I have a problem with optimizepress though. Since it already has a built in pagination I think it somewhat conflicts on the pagination of the post for page plugin. Whenever I click on page-2 it will still show page 1. Any idea how to resolve this?


    • Supermom

      the answer is to add to the shortcode the syntax num=255 (show the last 255 pages) and the pagination is going to work 🙂 Tell me if it worked.

      • Anne

        Thanks for the reply. I will try if it will work. I noticed that the pagination works if posts for page is installed in another page but it doesn’t work on the homepage. Probably because of the built in wp-navi in Optimize Press.

  • clairence

    I love this plugin – it’s made my job much easier.
    I have made some adjustments to the script (when using v1.5), to suit my own purposes. Is it possible any of these changes would be worthwhile for other users… and thus added to future updates?

    1. I edited the “no posts” message.
    $out = “Please check back later for information about this topic.”;

    2. I added the Post Date (which I see is added with 1.6.1). In my case, I don’t want (need) the author name, so only include the date.
    $written = $child->post_date;
    $output .= “$written”;

    3. I removed the HR beneath the post. Maybe you could make the HR optional?

    4. I added a “top of page” link at the end of each post (since I show full posts, the pages get long).
    $output .= “top of page^“; ## added 7/12/12

    • Simon

      Hi Clairence,

      Nice additions I will certainly look at pulling them in thanks for taking the time to share them.
      1. Will add this and allow the string to display to be passed in.
      2. I can modify the new show_meta to show, date only, author only, or both.
      3. Can make this optional.
      4. Make this optional too.

      Should make it into v1.7.



      • Justin Hibbard

        I’m using this to show upcoming events by showing posts in a certain category. I would love to know how to make it show just the date and the time. So it could say – “Sleep Telesminar” and under it post the date and time. I figured out how to take out the author in the show meta. How do I include the time?

  • clairence

    I have a page with some php that pulls external data and gives each displayed section a unique class, repeating every five.

    I want to instead put the data into posts, and add that same repeating class option to the posts that display in the page.

    How would I do that?

    • Simon

      Have you looked into CSS nth-child(n), e.g. I use this often for alternating row colour or setting margins for each 3rd list item like nth-child(3n+3){ /* setting css for every 3rd list item */}

      • clairence

        Thanks for the quick reply. I hadn’t thought of nth-child. On quick glance, it’s not supported in IE 7,8. So I may need to figure out another option as well. But it’s a good start. thanks.

        • Simon

          The way I tend to treat things like this these days is if someone is using an old browser they cannot expect as visually good an experience as if they are using up to date browsers. We simply cannot cater for everything. IE7 is not just old it is full of security vulnerabilities.

          Anyway saying that you could look at which adds support for CSS3 attributes via Javascript. I am not sure if there is a specific version for WordPress.

  • Clare

    LOVE the plugin! great job!
    I need to show 1 full post on an page (kind of an intro page showing the ‘latest’ in a few different categories)
    I’m using:

    [posts-for-page tag_slug='news' num=1 show_full_posts='true' next_text="Read past stories"]

    but although it’s displaying the full latest post, it’s generating
    Read more…Read More »
    immediately after the post, is there a way to stop this?

    • Simon

      Hi Clare,

      You don’t have a –more– shortcode in the actual post content itself do you?


  • Lee

    When I use [posts-for-page cat_slug=athletics-news] on the Athletics page it displays

    [caption id="attachment_191" align="alignnone" width="300"] Dwayne Chambers, EIS, Sheffield[/caption]…Read More »

    Not the most elegant display, what am I doing wrong or what am I missing? This post only has an image and a caption.

    • Simon

      My plugin is not able to interpret another shortcode, you could try setting use_wp_excerpt=’true’ to use the built in WordPress excerpt generation, although I am not sure if the WordPress function interprets shortcodes either.

      • Admin

        Hello, thx for all your work. We use this plugin widely on our website and just started incorporating thumbnails which raised the issue of captions showing in the post summary as noted above.

        I’m not a php or css guru but found this and am wondering if it might be a solution to keeping captions from appearing. Problem is I don’t know where to try the code in my theme.

        Is there a place in your code to try?

        • Admin

          Seems it won’t let me insert a link. This link should have been in the above. I’ve posted the entire link on two separate lines below.


  • Darryl

    This is great plugin, but when I use another plugin shortcode in a post (e.g. photo gallery) your plugin shows the shortcode and not the content. Is there any way to fix this please? Here is the page showing the issue

    • Simon

      My plugin is not able to interpret another shortcode, you could try setting use_wp_excerpt=’true’ to use the built in WordPress excerpt generation, although I am not sure if the WordPress function interprets shortcodes either.

  • Tom


    I absolutely love this plugin and am just rolling it out to a second site.
    I was just wondering, is there a way to bring across the theme’s style for the list of posts by category when using the posts for page plugin?
    It’s just that the posts for page default style is quite basic.



  • al

    Great plugin! Is it possible to remove the navigation? Thank you!

  • Vlad

    This Plugin is great…..just one thing……How can I switch back to the old wordpress summary article display?
    I cannot get rid of the [caption id="attachment_1013" align="alignleft" width="300"] in all articles with pictures.

    • Vlad

      please help!

      • Simon

        You can try use_wp_excerpt=’true’
        This uses WordPress own expert function, which you can also set when you create a post.

  • Vlad

    Also, how can I make this plugin work with q translate plugin?

    • Vlad

      When I hit the second language button, the page appears blank.

      • Vlad

        Solved that…it works with qTranslate

  • Jess

    Hi, great plugin! Just what I was looking for. I have one issue though. After the first post there is a large gap (thought it was not working at first it was such a large gap) but it seems as if its conflict with the theme. I would like to use it with the theme Daßlog Screen By Jonk Version 1.09 and I just cannot seem to figure out why. If you have any ideas I would appreciate it. I am not the best with CSS but I have edited the side bar and such but still nothing works.


    • Simon

      Hi Jess,

      Do you have a link I could look at and see if i can help?


  • Tony Bathich

    Just wanted to tell you that you have here a great work, it wasn’t easy to find such plugin that does the work in a very excellent way, God bless you.


    • Simon

      Thanks tony for taking the time to say so, it is very much appreciated 🙂

  • Brady Partridge

    Alas, I couldn’t get this to work at all on my blog. Maybe it has something to with my having the latest version of WordPress but the installation went off without a hitch.

    What I’m trying to do is get all posts with the category of Sharp to go in the Sharp page in the menu. I’ve tried these code configurations without success.

    [posts-for-page cat_slug=’sharp′]

    [posts-for-page cat_slug=’sharp-8′]

    [posts-for-page cat_slug=’sharp-sharp-8′]

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Simon

      It should work fine, latest WP has no conflict with it. Are you sure the slug is right – maybe you need the capital ‘S’? Otherwise you could use the category id and just set cat=’8′ or whatever.

  • Kari

    Thank you for an extremely useful plugin! LOVE IT.

    I have one small issue- when showing full posts, any links in the posts are not active unless you click “Read More”

    I am using it here: with the following code: [posts-for-page num='10' show_full_posts='true' show_meta='true']

    I am not sure if this is a conflict with my theme or if anyone else has seen this? Would there be a way for me to get the links within the post active?

    • Simon

      I am not sure, maybe it is related to your theme as the plugin simply outputs the full post content returned by wordpress when show_full_posts is set to true. I will try and test it to make sure there is no problem with the plugin itself.

  • Ralf

    Hi, great plugin after days of searching is the best and easy solution for me and works fine!
    But it is possible to sort the post/article by date descending (DESC) ascending (ASC)? I need the newest article above and not below.
    Many thanks for any help!

    • Simon

      Hi, there is no control at the moment to change the ordering direction, I will look into it.

    • Simon

      This has been added in 1.71 – ‘order’ can be set to ‘ASC’ default is ‘DESC’

  • House

    Is it possible to show the author, tags … for the post?

    thx – H

    • Simon

      Hi, use ‘show_meta’ – set to ‘true’ to show post date and author name, sorry doesn’t show tags at the moment, may look into it as addition for future release version.

  • Jacques Dufort

    Great plugin Thanks. Just a quick question. I built a separate page showing a list of all my posts and even though I don’t have that many posts yet, I played around with limiting the number of posts per page so I could see if displaying in more than one page works and it does as advertised. May I suggest one thing though, if at all possible, could there appear something like “Page 1 of 4” at the bottom when posts are displayed over more than one page? I know that links show up to navigate to newer or older posts but it would be nice for the reader to know how many pages there are.

    Once again thanks for the great work you’ve done.


    • Simon

      Good suggestion, will take it onto the list of updates for newer versions. Thanks, Simon.

  • Shelby

    Is there a way to hide the “Read more” text? I made the page show the full posts so the “Read more” is not necessary.

    • Shelby

      Never mind–figured that out. I was also wondering though, if there is a way to hide the author but still display the post date? Thanks

      • Simon

        Not at the moment, I take all comments on board though into newer versions.

  • House

    I am wanting the meta – info and tags. What short code do I place between the brackets?

    I used: [posts-for-page show_meta='true']

    but the meta looks different from my – blog meta?

    • House

      oh i see answer… no tags yet 🙁

      • Simon

        Not yet, maybe in the next version.

  • David Evans

    Awesome plugin. Will be glad to donate if I can get it to work properly. For some reason, when I build a page with your plug-in it takes my sidebar and displays it at the bottom of the page after the post experts. Any thoughts?

    • Simon

      No sure do you have a link I can view? Sounds like some container element in the post such as a

      is not being closed. You could try using the option ‘use_wp_excerpt’ and setting the actual excerpt for the post.
      • AnitaSig

        I had this problem and ‘use_wp_excerpt’ solved it.

  • Wouter

    hi, first I want to tell that this plugin is great and easy to use. Thanks for making it!

    My question is how can I get the excerpt to work proper. If the WP excerpt is working normally, there would be ‘continue reading’ under the excerpt. Now it is ‘read more’ and that let me believe that the use_wp_excerpt=’true’ isn’t working.
    [posts-for-page post_id='181' use_wp_excerpt=’true’]

    Above code is used her:
    And here the excerpt is showing by category with ‘continue reading’:
    Thanks for your help!

    • Simon


      Yes I see what you mean on your site, I will take a look and check if there is any bug with the WP excerpt setting.

  • House

    META Description looks different then my BLOG/

    I used: [posts-for-page show_meta='true']
    but the meta looks different from my – blog meta?

    Is there a way to edit the code? to mimick my single post?
    Your code: Posted on September 6, 2012 by Author

    Code on my site: Written by Name of the author. Posted in Current Events, Family

  • Tom Almeida

    I’m Tom Adams. I am Brazilian. I was looking for this plugin. Thank you. May God bless you!

    • Simon

      Hi Tom thanks 🙂

  • Sergio

    I’d like to contribute with a few code patches and fixes to the Post-for-pages WP plugin. Is the code hosted somewhere (Github or similar?).

    I can still apply the changes myself with the WP editor, but that’s not a very good way to share the code : )


    • Simon

      Hi Sergio,

      Currently just hosted on WP SVN. I will look at putting it on Githib as I have done with some of my jQuery plugins. Happy to have input if it helps improve the plugin.


    • Simon

      Hi Sergio, this is now on Github (v1.7) here:

  • Jan


    I have changed your code from:
    $atts[‘length’] = 50;
    $atts[‘length’] = 90;
    to have more words showed and this change is not working at all. Any idea?


  • Jan


    I have changed your code from:

    $atts[‘length’] = 50;
    $atts[‘length’] = 90;

    to have more words displayed. And this hack is not working, any idea?


  • Dark Under The Eyes

    Thank you Simon, this looks extremely useful.

    I wish I’d found it a week ago.

  • David

    Installed this plugin and put the shortcode on the page I’d like to list the categories and it gives me a 404 error. If I take the shortcode out and update the page it shows fine. Any idea why? I would love to use this plugin. I am using the pagelines theme

  • bsdesigned

    Great plugin, I was just wondering if it is possible to exlude posts…?

    So the example I would use is to use cat_slug or cat to pull in the posts but I want to exclude certain ones – post number 3,11,21 for example.

    I hope that makes sense..?

    • Simon

      You can use cat_id and use minus to exclude certain posts – e.g. 3,11,-21

  • Matt

    Anyway to get the thumbnails to force like with the plugin “Thumbs for Excerpt” so that even if you don’t have features images, some image will show?

    This is an awesome plugin and we have it implemented on our site, but if it would force the thumbs to show, it would make it the perfect plugin for us.


  • Dylan

    Is it possible to access the category slug of the current page dynamically, rather than hard-coding a value in quotes, e.g. cat_slug=’about-us’?

    I’d like to put all posts under the static content of a page that share the same category slug as that page.

  • Javier, Fort Myers Web Designer

    I love this plugin b/c I have to include full posts in pages many times. However, I noticed you don’t use wpautop() when using full post content. In fact, it was brought up in the WordPress Forums that paragraphs and line-breaks disappear from (or actually, not automatically added to) posts.

    This is done by using wpautop() function. Like this:

    $content = wpautop($child->post_content);

    Hopefully you will include this, or at least make it an option in the next version so I don’t have to edit plugin code.

    • Simon

      Thanks for the heads up, I am hoping to release an update this week and will make sure to include this fix.

    • Simon

      Hi Javier, I have added this to 1.7 with the option ‘create_para_tags’.
      Let me know if this resolves the issue as I did not have this problem on my own blog.

  • Michael

    Great plugin! Thank You!

  • C. Pengilly

    Hi I love this plugin and I wanted to say thank you. I have tried a few other plugins for the sole purpose of displaying posts on a page, but none of them have looked (or worked) nearly as well as this one. I will definitely be sure to donate once I get one last thing working – the num attribute. I have it set to num=’2′ but all of the posts in the category keep displaying. I even tried cat_num=’2′ in case the documentation was a bit off, but I still didn’t have any luck. Here’s the page that I am working on and I will be working on several other “den” pages that will have their own blog categories needing to be displayed. Thanks!

    • shibbard

      Hi can you show your whole short code setting. num=’2′ is correct (see my page here has it set to 2). I wonder if one of the other settings is causing a conflict (shouldn’t do).

      • C. Pengilly

        I am all squared away with version 1.73. Thank you!

        • shibbard

          Thanks for reporting it so I could fix it quickly. Best of luck – Simon 🙂

  • Jan

    Hi. After upgrade to 1.73 version images are not showed on page (first image in post and featured image of post also)? My tag looks like:

    posts-for-page cat_slug=’1′ hide_images=’false’ num=’10’
    show_full_posts=’false’ use_wp_excerpt=’true’ strip_html=’true’
    hide_post_content=’false’ show_meta=’false’ read_more=’…’

    Thanks for your help!

    • shibbard

      Hi can you try without the strip_html and if not then without use_wp_excerpt set. I am using latest version on here and is okay but I have has troubled with the way wp handles images before.

      • Jan

        i have tried without:
        – use_wp_excerpt=’true’
        – strip_html=’true’
        – use_wp_excerpt=’true’ and strip_html=’true’
        with no luck :-/

        • shibbard

          I presume from what you say it work okay before the update so will look into the changes as it must have impacted the images as attachments some how. Sorry about that.

          • Jan

            Will you release new version or publish some patch?

          • shibbard

            Yep working on it now – found a bug with images if they are in a post as an attatchment.

          • Jan

            I confirm – it is working now.
            Thank you verry much for your help

          • shibbard

            No problem thanks for letting me know.

          • shibbard

            1.74 is up – if you click add new and search for “posts for page” you should be able to click “update”. Please let me know if this resolves your problem. Thanks

  • The Sleuth Journal

    So does this mean that thumbnails are now forced on excerpt?

    My shortcode is: [posts-for-page cat_slug='news-articles' read_more='Show more...' use_wp_excerpt='true' num='15']

    Also, I noticed now my “Show More…” link is gone completely.

    How do I donate, btw? You get me my Show More link back and force thumbs on excerpts, I’ll donate more! This is a bad-a$$ plugin!

    • shibbard

      Have just updated 1.75 to go back to using the specified read more as it was before, also you can use the hide_images=’true’ to hide them even for excerpt. Have had trouble with the wordpress excerpt call. Still a few niggles to iron out but should be fine for most.

  • The Sleuth Journal

    Note- Change line 212 to include:
    $output .= “” YOUR A HREF HERE ” “;

    and you will have the “read more” button instead of just a link. Works for most themes.

    You can see it working at

    • shibbard

      Cool thanks for the tip, I’ll take a look, if there is an issue with some themes (will need to check) then I may add it as an option (like use_readmore_button).

      Nice site by the way 🙂

      • The Sleuth Journal

        Thanks for the compliment! Really all due to your plugin, man.

        Only thing I need now is to get the images forced on all page excerpts like they do on our home page.

  • juz

    hi there
    my shortcode is: [posts-for-page cat_slug='Home Page' num='6' read_more='
    Read More »' use_wp_excerpt='true' show_meta='false' hide_images=’false’]

    i can’t get thumbnails up on post excerpts (with featured image set or without)
    i have tried ‘auto post thumbnail’ plugin but still can’t het thumbnails

    awesome plugin having hard coded php to do this in many sites previously

    • shibbard

      If you don’t use the use_wp_excerpt=’true’ feature they should do. Looking into ways to expand the use_wp_excerpt feature – it has some complications but seems more people use that than I expected.

  • The Sleuth Journal


    You might be able to integrate the code from the plugin “Thumbnails for Excerpts” to expand that feature. It forces the images to be posted in the excerpt by choosing either the first or random image from the post. Only thing bad about it is that it only works on the home page and feed pages.

    • shibbard

      nice one thanks for the tip, I will have a look into it. I already have an idea of how I am going to do it but worth looking at as well, like force_image=’true’, which would grab the first image in the post content at put it at the start of the summary, just need some time to take it further.

  • Marcellino Marchello

    Hi Simon,
    Thank you for perfect plugin, it is very useful 😉
    Is this code “orderby=’ASC’ ” correct for setting order of posts as ASC?
    If yes, this is not working. I have version 1.75.
    Thank you for advice 😉

    • shibbard

      Hi, have you set the order_by parameter – to ‘date’ for example?

  • PigJoy

    Hi Simon, thanks for the plug-in, its awesome!

    When I create the post it goes to the page I want it to go to, but also goes to my parent page. How do I make it only go to the page I want it on?



    • shibbard

      Hi Ryan, don’t quite follow you, do you have a link to the page?

      • The Sleuth Journal

        I think he means that if he has a page called “Cars” and a child page called “Ford”, his posts for Ford are showing up on the Ford page AND on the Cars page. I think it may have something to do with child/parent relationships with his post categories.

        Ryan can you paste your shortcode here?

  • Tim

    This plugin is great.
    I would like though,to display the most recent post in full, and previous ones as an excerpt. I’m guessing that this is beyond shortcodes and would have to be done programmatically. But, I’m asking just in case.
    Than you

    • shibbard

      Hi Tim, I am not sure, you could try using the short code twice, with settings to show 1 full post in the first and then to not show that in the second (you can use minus with an id not to show it).

      Not sure if this will work or not but worth a try. I would try it for you but am traveling at the moment.


      • Tim

        Thanks for that. I went to test it but there is only one post at the moment.
        I guess it might look something like the below, but I’m not sure about the ‘recent-posts’ phrase. Do you have any suggestions for the wording ?

        [posts-for-page recent-posts tag=’1,11,13,15′ num='1' show_meta='true' hide_images=’false’]
        [posts-for-page tag=’1,11,13,15′ num='6' read_more=' Read More »' use_wp_excerpt='true' show_meta='true' hide_images=’false’]

        • The Sleuth Journal


          If Simon’s suggestion does not work, you might try an additional plugin for the full post and this one for the excerpts. I just tried it with “Post-to-page” plugin and this one (posts-for-page <– which is much better) and it seemed to work just fine.

          • Tim

            The problem will be excluding the most recent post in the second set of brackets, otherwise it will be duplicated. I don’t know a shortcode for that.
            I’ve already looked at many alternative plugins including the one you mentioned and I decided that this one was good to work with.

          • The Sleuth Journal

            I get what you’re saying. I’m not sure how to get it to work and exclude the most recent from the excerpts. May need to edit the php code to show excerpts ID=x-1. I’m sure Simon can figure that one out though.

          • shibbard

            Sounds like you are almost there. The problem is obviously the latest will change and you dont want to keep updating the shortcode to hide a post (using minus and post id). You could simply use some CSS selectors #some-selecter:first-child – or something along these lines to select the first post and then hide it – display:none.

        • The Sleuth Journal


          [posts-for-page order_by='date' tag=’1,11,13,15′ num='1' show_meta='true' hide_images=’false’]
          [posts-for-page tag=’1,11,13,15′ num='6' read_more=' Read More »' use_wp_excerpt='true' show_meta='true' hide_images=’false’]

          That and changing tag to cat worked for me.

          • Tim

            The problem will be excluding the most recent post in the second set of brackets, otherwise it will be duplicated. I don’t know a shortcode for that.

  • Paul Cheetham

    Brilliant plugin, if only I could get it to display the whole post and not just 50 characters. Think I changed all the length=’50’ references to 2000 but still cannot get it to display the whole post. Anyone any ideas?

  • juz


    i’ve got the shortcode [posts-for-page cat_slug='Books for Sale' show_meta='false' show_full_posts=’true’ ] but i’m still getting only the excerpts up


    • The Sleuth Journal

      Juz, did you figure it out yet?

      [posts-for-page cat_slug='Books for Sale' show_meta='false']

      Also, try retyping the shortcode by hand, if you copied and pasted it. Sometimes a font difference will prevent it from running properly.

      • juz

        hey yeah it’s working now showing the full post although i’m loosing all the formatting so it’s one long run of words

        [posts-for-page cat_slug='Projects' show_meta='false' show_posts_full='true' hide_read_more='true']

        any ideas cheers j

  • The Sleuth Journal


    Any update on the force thumbs on excerpt request?

    • shibbard

      Hi S, not had time yet, been very busy but will look into it as soon as i can.

      • The Sleuth Journal

        Thanks Simon.

        I attempted it myself but no luck yet. I think I was on the right track using this code that calls the WP function “get_first_image”, but was unable to add it to your php to make it show up and add the right short-code.

        function get_first_image() {
        global $post;
        $first_img = ”;
        $output = preg_match_all(‘//i’, $post->post_content, $matches);
        $first_img = $matches [1] [0];

        return $first_img;

        Maybe you can toss this into the php and assign it $_opts and $atts that make sense. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it made my pages all white. Ideas? I just reverted it back to original.

        Sorry you’ve been so busy, but I’ve been trying to assist you in making this a little better for your users.


        • shibbard

          Hi S,

          I have done some work on this, could you possibly try it out before I release it, works okay for me but the change was pretty tricky. You can find this here ->

          If you can save the PHP file and drop it in to your plugins folder and let me know if it works for you okay or not that would be great.



          • The Sleuth Journal

            Sorry I missed this. I’m testing now.

          • The Sleuth Journal

            Looks to be working as far as forcing, but scaling is an issue. Would be great to have them forced to 150px and scaled. The way I did this with get_first_image was to set style=”width:150px;” ONLY. If you look at our home page, I hard-coded the forced images and left out height in style for scaling to work, otherwise it stretched and skewed the images which looked bad.

            You can see your code working on

          • shibbard

            ok that shouldnt be a problem to just set style for it and maybe a param to pass in and set the width (default 150px)

          • The Sleuth Journal


            I’ll wait for your update and try it out again on the same page so you can see the results.

          • The Sleuth Journal

            Any progress?

          • shibbard

            Hi S, Yes I think it is there now. No need for the
            force_excerpt_image setting now, it will automatically try and get an image unless you want to hide them. You can now provide a height and width – force_image_width and force_image_height and supply the value.

            My working example: [posts-for-page cat_slug='asp-net-programming-2' num='2' use_wp_excerpt='true' force_image_width="150"]

            It is available here to try until I release it:

          • The Sleuth Journal

            Fatal error: Cannot redeclare resize_image() (previously
            declared in
            in /hermes/waloraweb063/b563/moo.thesleuthjournalcom/wp-content/plugins/posts-for-page/posts-for-page.php on line 64

            Maybe add an if exists in functions echo, else endif or something?

          • The Sleuth Journal

            BTW, This should be a version 2.0. This adds functionality and new purpose to the plugin.

          • The Sleuth Journal

            I removed the resize_image() from my main function.php but it works like a charm. If anyone has theirs hardcoded into the functions.php it will not activate, but for everyone else, it looks great!

            Look at:

            I forced image width to 150 and its beautiful!

  • Tim

    My posts are being duplicated. have you any ideas ?

    • shibbard

      Can you post the shortcode you are using, and make sure it is there only once, and that you paste it in html view not visual. Also be careful if you copy and paste it from somewhere else as you may pick up odd formatting characters

      • Tim

        [posts-for-page tag=’1,11,13,15′ num='6' read_more=' Read More »' use_wp_excerpt='true' show_meta='true' hide_images=’false’]

        Posts are only in one category each

        I don’t think it’s a fault in the plugin, It’s probably caused by WPML but I’m not sure yet. I’m still trying to get to the bottom of it.

  • juz

    got the full post showing finally, the short code needed to be typed in rather than cut and paste as suggested (yay!) but it is stripping all the formatting away so it’s basically a long line of text. if you click on the post title to display the post the formatting is fine so it seems that the plugin is stripping the formatting, is there a way around this. thanks justin

    • shibbard

      Not sure, the posts look the same to me when I view as the list of them all or click through to an individual one (i.e. it seems to be working correctly).

      • The Sleuth Journal

        Juz, you might try to go ahead and set use_wp_excerpt=’true’, but set the length for the excerpt to something long, like 900 or something. That will give your readers a good idea of what the post is about and will allow them to read the post in full by clicking the read more link. If you look below, I posted some code on how to use a read more button rather than the link.

  • Chris Clayton

    This is just what I needed. Thank you. I spent the last three days troubling over a way to get the posts onto my static category pages and this plugin made it super easy. Thank you once again.

  • John Carsia


    How can I prompt plugin to expand the post on the SAME PAGE? By using a post excerpt and the ‘Read More’ tab, the post at this point opens in a new page.

    The problem is, I do not have individual pages for each post (nor will I). I would like the post to be presented as an excerpt and if the user wishes to read more than the post would expand on the same screen. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance

    • The Sleuth Journal

      Make sure you don’t have a plug-in that is doing that to you. I had the same issue and noticed that “open-in-new-page” plugin was sending me to other pages.

      • John Carsia

        I deactivated any plug-ins I feel could have messed me up. The posts are still attempting to open in a new page. Thanks though I do appreciate it.

        I feel the problem could be corrected within the shortcode or plug-in settings?

    • shibbard

      This plugin does not support in page ‘opening’ of the post. It works as standard excerpts in WordPress work. You are looking for it to scroll down and reveal the rest of the post but I am afraid that is not in the scope of what I am doing with this particular plugin. Maybe in future I can look into it, but it is a lot more complex work.

  • Kim Rippere

    Works like a dream . . . except it is duplicating all my posts; not just the ones specified. I notice in another thread you asked about the code being used. Mine is – [posts-for-page tag_slug=’etsy']. Yes, it is in the html tab. 😉

    • Kim Rippere

      And is there a way to get them off the main blog page? So they *only* appear on this page?

    • Kim Rippere

      And now I will just talk myself about how stupid I am . . . I figured out the reason all the posts were going to the page. Still need assistance (see my reply to my main OP) with getting them off the main blog page – if that is possible.

  • The Sleuth Journal


    If anyone has many pages that need to have the shortcode updated, here is how we changed it on more than 300 pages of our own. Yes 300 pages, not posts.

    download and install this plugin:

    Go to Tools>Search & Replace

    Place a check mark in the “Content” box and in the box below the selections (Search for), type: posts-for-page

    In the Replace with box below that, type:
    posts-for-page force_image_width=’WIDTH SETTING HERE’

    Be sure to change WIDTH SETTING HERE with a number of pixels (ie 150 or 200).

    Click the Go button.

    What these steps will do is change your already applied shortcode, to force image size to 150 or 200 (choose ONE) so it looks cleaner.

    Disclaimer: Neither I nor any of our affiliates advocate installing plugin-ins such as the one mentioned in my post, or making changes to your system or database without first reading and fully understanding the plugin, steps and consequences. Also be sure to always backup your database before making changes to it.

  • juz

    hey guys

    i’m still having trouble with the formatting of the posts

    [posts-for-page cat_slug='Awards' show_full_posts='true' show_meta='false' hide_read_more='true']

    the posts are displayed in full but stripped of their formatting, if you click on the post title you can see the original formatting. i’ve tried TSJ’s solution of using use_wp_excerpt=’true’ and having a 1000 characters ($atts[‘length’] = 1000;) but still have the same issue.

    i’ve changed to the wp vanilla theme so it’s not a theme issue

    thanks again


    • shibbard

      Hi Juz, I have added some code to try and retain formatting of a normal post. Please update to latest version and see if it helps.

      • juz

        hi shibbard

        updated the plugin

        [posts-for-page cat_slug='Projects' show_full_posts='true' show_meta='false' hide_read_more='true']

        but now just get the thumbnail and no text at all

        thanks for persisting

        • shibbard

          Hi juz, I am stumped by that, sorry. I have the exact same shortcode in my page [posts-for-page cat_slug='asp-net-programming-2' show_full_posts='true' show_meta='false' hide_read_more='true'] and the page ->

          The only thing I can think is that there is a conflict with another plugin or theme as full post literally bypasses all the code and just outputs the WordPress formatted content (apply_filters(‘the_content’, $content) which is standard stuff.. how annoying.

          • juz

            hey simon it was another plugin that was the issue
            “TinyMCE Advanced “thanks for help

          • shibbard

            Ok Juz, thanks for letting me know.

  • gamesfromeverywhere

    Brilliant. Love it, Simon. I have one question. I tried to put a short code affiliate link in at the top of the post and it threw the whole page out. I have descriptions at the top of my pages and often an image align-right. Do you see any reason why adding the shortcode affiliate link (nowhere near your short code – but on the same page) would threw the page out and remove all your posts? Your shortcode works beautifully without it – but i really need the image ad!

    • shibbard

      Thanks David, much appreciated 🙂

  • Justin

    This is exactly what I was looking for. But I am having one problem. I have created a custom frontpage that has your shortcode in it three times. One for news, reviews, and tutorials. I only show one post for each shortcode. At the bottom of each it adds a link “Older Entries” but it leads nowhere. Is there a way to control the URL this link points to? So I can lead viewers to the full news page, etc.

    • shibbard

      This should only be displayed if there are more posts to show. Do you have a link I can view?

  • Guest

    Trying to figure out how to get a tiny thumbnail and just post titles that aren’t the same large font size as they appears on the home page. See

  • Martin

    nice plugin but it conflicts with the S2Member plugin

  • Brett Pelaez

    I’m not sure why, but it tells me that I have no posts in the category. Is there something amiss?

    • Justin

      Did you copy and paste the shortcode? If so, try typing it out instead. It did the same thing to me. One of the characters is wrong with the copy and paste.

      • Gary Allman

        The text above has Smart Quotes and they are causing the problem. Just replace them with ‘

  • Tim

    Note that when show_meta is true, it is the user name that shows rather than the user’s public display name.

    • DeirdreníDhubhghaill

      I have found this too. Is it possible to display only the date?

  • Serina

    The hide_read_more=’true’ is not working for the site, I’ve tried everything, I know I’m typing it correctly…. seems like no one else is having this problem…

    • Txema250

      I´m having the same problem

  • Nike

    Hi there. nice features – could you please advice me how to activate other shortcodes within the post. Now my pfp looks like this when i try to use wp ui plugin shortcodes in the post

    [wptabcontent]… …

    • shibbard

      I am not sure about nested shortcodes and whether it will work. Maybe look at the wordpress reference for function do_shortcode($content).

  • Kim Rippere

    I’d really like to remove a group of posts (with the same tag) from the main posting blog page an have them *only* appear on the page deisgnated via the plugin. I have them copied to another page (using your plugin) . . . can they be “cut/pasted” so they only appear once on my website?

    • shibbard

      I don’t think WP has anything to do that out of the box. Maybe there is another plugin to remove certain posts from the main page. Sorry I can’t really help further with that.

  • jane

    275 comments, that means make a better fucking pluggin thats easy to use.

    • shibbard

      How incredibly rude and ingnorant you are. This has been developed over time as people have requested things or had issues. People have all sorts of configurations, other plugins and templates.

      This is done in the little spare time I have, for no gain of my own.

      You want something better – well how about doing it your god damn self and sharing it with us?

      Some peoples attitudes are just incredible. Merry Christmas to you too.

    • David Trounce

      I find this plug in exceptionally easy to use. Perhaps the number of comments is a comment itself of the plugins popularity. 1 piece of short code – how easy could it be!

  • bllcll

    thank you so much for this Plugin ! love it, great job ! thanks for sharing !

    • shibbard

      thanks for posting much appreciated 🙂

  • Roberto Roselli

    I’m trying this tag: [posts-for-page cat='823'] which 823 is the cat id but it doesn’t work, why? thanks 🙂

    • shibbard

      Check you do not have any funny characters in the code. Put it in HTML view, not visual view and try hand typing from scratch – copy and paste can cause problems with shortcodes, apostrophes look like apostrophes but sometimes are not.

  • John Bernardin

    Great plugin. I’m using it for a high school team. Your plugin is exactly what the everybody wants… just a couple of the latest news items on a static home page. The “Older Entries” link below the posts doesn’t work. Maybe I missed something in your instructions somewhere. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

    • shibbard

      Hmm not sure, can you post an example of your exact shortcode? So i can test with the same options, it works ok on here.

  • baiyang

    I don’t know how to set the length of the post. you said that it’s default to 50 words.

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  • Michael

    A verry nice Plugin,
    but the problem is, from V2.1 any other plugins code “inserts” on the same WP page like this plugin does not longer works.
    Therefore, this release version (V2.1) is not usable for me.

    Thanks for any support.

  • Guest

    Has anyone seen [raw] [/raw] tags showing up on the page with the latest version? The earlier version worked fine, but the new one it’s broken with my site and I had to remove it because of the extra html tags it was throwing in.

  • Steve Rogers

    Has anyone seen [raw] [/raw] tags showing up on the page with the latest
    version? The earlier version worked fine, but the new one is broken
    with my site and I had to remove it because of the extra html tags it
    was throwing in.

  • paulakey

    Merry Christmas, but in your first instruction, switch to HTMP, I’m lost! I can’t see this on my new page (using Novelist Theme).

  • paulakey

    paulakey again. I am not sure if this plug-in is for my particular problem. I have 10 posts and I set up a Menu (sidebar). All I want to do is separate these posts into two columns in my Menu: Paul’s Articles (anything but stories) and a column for stories. I have tried copy past into a New Page but how do I send it to either places. Hello to everyone viewing…Life is Good!

  • John van Rems

    Hello I don’t know what I do wrong but doesn’t matter what tag, slug or whatever I use all the post wil be showing on that page. For example I got one message with category “pen” and the rest got diverent categories but what I try… All the post will be there on that page. this is what I use in my scriptpage….. [posts-for-page tag='pen′ num='1' read_more=' Read More »' use_wp_excerpt='true' show_meta='true' hide_images=’false’] ….. Please help

    • David Trounce

      John. Did you solve this? I see the problem. Your computer has changed the apostrophe (‘) ever-so-slightly. To correct simply retype the apostrophe in each place.

  • John van Rems

    How do I change the languish of this great tool?

  • Fabula Fortis d.o.o.

    is it possible to change “read more” in something else and how? tried to change it in php file but it caused error

    • Aven

      You can use this tag [posts-for-page read_more='read more or something else here >>']

  • Carl

    I love this plugin. But I’ve run into a problem I cant seem to solve. The plugin displays the posts twice. As a matter of fact, it shows the page twice, including the headline.


    I’m using WPML. Can that cause the problem? I’ve deactivated all other plugins without any results.

    Here is the shortcode I’m using:
    [posts-for-page cat='31' hide_images='false' hide_read_more='true' show_full_posts='false' use_wp_excerpt='false' strip_html='true' hide_post_content='flase' show_meta='false']

    Do you know of a fix?


    • Caroline Malmberg

      I am having the same problem. I’d really like to use this plugin: is there a fix?

  • Jamie

    Hi, Any advice on how to use this to display posts in rows?

  • David Trounce

    Still looking for the “Older Posts” solution. At the moment, clicking on older posts simply returns the same top 10 results.

  • Dave

    Awesome plugin. Thanks (very much!) Simon. I really like how feature-rich all the options are. I finally found how to change the number of the words in the summary (default 50): use the option “length”, as in ” length=’40’ “. If you get a chance, could you throw a one-liner reference in the documentation above for others? Thanks!

    • shibbard

      Thanks Dave, I must have missed it, will do. Simon

  • Tina

    Hey there! Thank you very much for your plugin. Installed it, and it worked fine – except one thing: no pictures are shown in the list, whether the picture is attached in the post or only in the content. I’ve also tried to delete the “hide_images” tag, but that doesn’t work either. Could you help me?

    Here’s the tag I use:

    [posts-for-page cat_slug='tiervermittlung-uetzing' num='200' read_more='false' force_image_height='350' show_full_posts='false' use_wp_excerpt='true' strip_html='true' hide_post_content='true' show_meta='false']

    Thank you in advantage!

    • shibbard

      Hi please remove -> strip_html=’true’ <- as that will remove all html including image tags. Simon.

  • mommiracles

    I am using the order_by=’title’ option in my string and it does not seem to be working. The order=’asc/desc’ works, but it seems like the order_by doesn’t matter. It is only going by date.

  • laurie

    Hi, absolutely love the plug-in, and I’ve used it on multiple sites, I am just wondering how I would use it to pull custom post types, I’ve had a go at altering the plugin file, to no avail, I’m sure it would be just a couple of extra lines but my php skills are sorely lacking, any help would be much appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!

  • flips

    thanks for the plugin!

    My blog posts are just images so I’m using this plugin to show the first image of posts as a thumbnail on the main page. Is there a way to wrap the images in the link tag as opposed to having a separate “read more..” link?

    I had a look at the php file but it’s beyond my basic knowledge of php

    btw, in debug mode the plugin causes several “NOTICE” flags

  • iebie

    I love your plugin! I only have one question. I struggle a bit with the thumbnails. The plugin nicely grabs the image from the post/page, but when I later change images in the post/page it still uses the old one. How can I ‘reset’ and make it grab the new image?

  • April Edwards

    For the life of me I can not get the default featured image to display, rather it is displaying an image from within the post. Here is the code I am using: [posts-for-page cat_slug='relic-tours' use_wp_excerpt='true' force_image_width='284']

    • Massimo De Tommaso


  • Steve K

    Hey, thanks for this plugin it’s great for doing aggregate posts. Anyway, one question and/or a feature request. When using the tag-slug parameter with more than one tag, it treats it as an OR statement. Is there anyway to make it so both tags have to be present? Alternately, it would be great if I could just limit posts to a certain date range.

    Also, kudos on documenting your options, I tried so many similar plugins but nobody bothered to document what options are available.

  • Aven

    I’ve been using this plugin for long time with very good results but now i’m experimentig some problems with images.
    Until now all pages show the post image and the excerpt without problems but when i use caption option in images it only shows a broken link.

    You can see it in two posts with images and one (with image caption) without image.

    I use suffusion theme with this modification for captions
    .wp-caption {background-color: transparent;font-size: 12px;}

    Worpdress version 3.5
    Post for pages version 2.1

    Any help or sugestion would be very appreciated 🙂

    • Aven

      i answer myself It was my fault, sorry for the inconvenience.
      At the end of tag there was a class without name.
      After remove it the plugin works fine as usual 🙂

  • A Million Moments

    This plugin is exactly what I need and I love it but I’m having a problem. It will only work for one of my pages. It works beautifully for my craft page but my recipe page it says nothing matches this category. I’m using this code

    [posts-for-page cat_slug='crafts' hide_images='false' num='5' read_more='
    Read More »' show_full_posts='false' use_wp_excerpt='true' strip_html='true' hide_post_content='false' show_meta='true']

    I changed the crafts for recipes and nothing is showing up! Could it be that it won’t allow duplicate codes or something like that? Thanks!

  • Eric

    This is a great plugin, but the pagination is not very good. A good improvement would be to add numeral buttons for the pages such as: 1 2 3 …17 (if there were 17 pages of posts).

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  • Massimo De Tommaso

    I used the foolwing shortcode [posts-for-page cat_slug='special_home' use_wp_excerpt='true' show_full_posts='false' order_by='post_id' order='ASC' force_excerpt_image='true' force_image_width='210' force_image_height='120']
    Before I inserted a new button image in the post the featured images was regularly displayed but now I cannot have it as usual… Why this? I think was better to leave the thumbnail as default an not to parser all images from html post

  • Tembrooke

    This is perfect — THANK YOU! I’m a WP novice trying to do fancy things on my blog, and this was just what I needed. (I really, really appreciate instructions that even a beginner can understand.)

  • Jeff Gedgaud

    Plug In works well but some of the Read More does not have links to the post.

  • Erick

    when I enable show_full_posts=”true” and I have two images one image shows up next to the other, I would like for the second image to display below the first image. and when I enable
    use_wp_excerpt=”true” I suppose it should display it as wordpress displays the blog posts but it does not work that way. Any help?

  • Eric

    This is such a great plugin, thanks for all the hard work.
    My post images are being stretched when I change from the default 150×150 to anything else. Also, I can’t get old featured images to switch out with new ones. I’ve tried digging out solutions from the comments, but no luck. Can you please help?
    Here’s my post page:
    And the shortcode: [posts-for-page num='5' prev_text=←PREVIOUS next_text=NEXT→ force_image_height='150' force_image_width='250']
    Thanks, Eric

  • Karla Jackson

    Hi – love the plug-in and it was working great. But now it’s showing the full article – even if I add a “length” tag. Do you know of any conflicts with other plugins or v.3.5?


    I am having issues with one image in my display not scaling properly. Is there an issue with one post that is causing this issue?

  • Nike

    Hi there. Great plugin. Only one thing I’m wondering about. I have an image in a post, 300×300 and will force resize to 215×215. Works fine. But the problem is that the pfp function gets the thumb-src for the image (150×150) and therefore the upscale to 215×215 is poor quality. How can I fix that, so the src is the original picture?

    • Nike

      My issue seems related to ‘s posted the same day. For some reason it does not occur on every post. I have not figured out if it is because of the post, pfp or the image…

  • corey

    i have a problem on when i use this plugin.

    when i want it to show titles on the page that’s showing the posts, i get two titles and one with a crazy red bard across it. Which means I have to turn titles off, but then the page looks odd without the blog titles for each post.

    Can I get some help with that?

  • David E. Turner

    I’m using this for a headlines area on my custom front page…the “older entries” link doesn’t goto the correct link for the category I’m using. Can that link be removed using shortcodes, or is there a way to force it to the correct link?

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  • Vulisha

    hello, i would like to how to add class=”category-” to posts like it is in standard wordpress i made a code and added it to plugin on line 272
    $postClass = get_post_class();
    $classes = implode ( ” “, $postClass );

    $output .= “”;

    but it just gets the main page class, not the post class

  • vic92

    Really love this plugin… that makes all other requests look ugly… Just one last issue on the ‘older entries’ (like someother guys it seems). Is there any way to delete part of the php code (if so, which one) so this link does not appear at the bottom of the page?

    I used this shortcode (website is not yet online so can not show you the real page):

    [posts-for-page cat_slug='billets,themes,scandales' num='7' read_more='Lire la suite' show_meta='true' force_image_width='150' force_image_height='150']. Thanks!

  • M Jones

    Is there a way to hide image captions? The images are aligned left while the captions are aligned right. Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Clinton Waters

    This is a great plugin. I just seem to be having an issue with the images displayed. It seems only to use an image from within the post content and not the featured image that has been set for the post. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks

  • Justin Clark

    Problem with order_by

    I’m trying to order_by=’title’ but the page displays posts ordered by date. Am I missing something? I’ve stripped out all options so my shortcode is now [posts-for-page cat_slug='brewery' order_by='Title' hide_post_content='true'].

    • Rudolph jr. de Kock

      I’m on the same boat, have no idea to fix this, keeps sorting according to date…

    • Janet Broadway

      Great plug-in, if you want to order by title, go to your plug-ins on the dashboard. Edit the plug-in and change order_by to orderby for all the arrays after $atts:

      $_opts[‘orderby’] = $atts[‘order_by’];

      if($pfp_opts[‘orderby’] != ”) {
      $params[‘orderby’] = $pfp_opts[‘orderby’];

      That should do it !

  • Iana Aguilar

    This plugin was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for making it 🙂 I have a page displaying posts of playlists that I am making. The only thing is the playlist is being cut by the division line for the next post. (hope that makes sense, heres a link to the page
    for a visual)

    this is the code I inserted: [posts-for-page cat_slug='beats-to-sweat-to' show_full_posts='true']

    Any ideas? It’s not a huge problem, I just don’t like the way it looks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    P.S. would there be a way to show the date as well? Thanks a bunch!

    • Iana Aguilar

      It was such an easy fix that took half the day, since I’m still pretty new to this. I just had to add line breaks underneath the player in my post. So silly. Now that that’s fixed, I noticed there’s a meta_tag code to put in and that gives info for date and author. But it doesn’t look right. Everything’s condensed and so I didn’t add it. Does anyone else find this? I’ve read on a bunch of comments of problems of posts listed not looking right. Is there a way to add social buttons to the posts listed on the page?

  • Fey

    Is it possible to display the posts as excerpts in boxes, say 3 to a line, instead of each post excerpt running across the page?

  • gOuTM


    Can I get some help from you?

    I’ve installed your plugin, but can’t get it work properly.

    Here’s the test page

    So, on my site I have categories and tags. Each post is assigned to one category and different tags. For instance, inside the “guitar” category there’re post with text and chords as well as general information about band. So, all of them are in one category – “guitar”, but post with general information has tag with the name of band – for example “kain_l”, and the post with text and chords of particular song has two tags: “kain_l” and “text_and_chords”.

    What I would like to see as result is the list of songs I have for particular band – list of post headers with specific tags.

    So, I made page and wrote there:

    [posts-for-page tag_slug=’kain_l, text_and_chords′]

    As I understand this should return me the list of posts that have two tags assigned: kain_l and text_and_chords. But instead of that I see only

    “Items for Page: There are no posts that match the selection criteria.”

    I tried to use this plugin inside the post (that is better for me, because I need to assign tags, but there’s no tags for page), but it shows nothing.

    I would really appreciate for your help with this plugin.


    • dada net

      Привет! ты как-то решил эту проблему? потому что у меня то же самое. что делать?

  • Daniel Steeves

    my latest entry will not show the featured image (does so in sidebar widgets, and on the post page itself) but selects an image from my media library to display via Posts for Page

    this page is where it happens (note sidebar widget displays correct image for same post)

  • Esther Bernart

    Hi, I am loving your plugin. However at times it messes up my sidebar. Even recreating the page doesn’t work (anymore). The sidebar returns to it’s normal place after removing the shortcode. I’ve been looking for errors in the div’s in the code and several more solutions. It seems that there are some useless strong and div codes in the page but I don’t know where to correct or remove them. Perhaps you have suggestions/solutions? The page:

    • Kimi

      I’m getting the same issue. I use the zeeBizzCard theme. It only seems to be happening on some pages.

    • Darren Woodiwiss

      I have had this issue but managed to get around it, however I find that the categories section and archives are repeated from the side bar under the posts.

  • Aven

    i’ve been googling about Post for pages and multilingual sites managed with WPML with no lucky.

    Is there any compatibility problem using Post for Pages and WPLM plugin?

    Thanks in advance

  • Tricking Is Tricking

    this plugin need improvement, no results here. honest.

  • theo

    My content is duplicating on Ifocus theme home page eg. check out the bottom

  • Anna

    Is there any way to make this plug-in display two columns?

  • Manuel Chang

    how can i use the real image instead of forcing the thumbnail?

  • Kevict Yen

    Hi Simon, Great plugin and really helped me out. Thank you. One question: can you change the pagination from the current “Newer Entries/Older Entries” to numbered pagination? Example, if I show 5 posts per page and there are 25 posts, I would get links for “Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5” and so on? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  • Kevict Yen

    Hi Simon. I’m sure you’re quite busy. I posted a question about a week ago and am just checking back. Just sent you a cup of coffee for the great plugin. My questions is if there is a way to have numbered pagination instead of the “Newer and Older” links. Again, much much appreciated! Cheers.

    • shibbard

      Hi Kevict, sorry for delayed reply, I have been very busy lately and travelling a lot. Currently there is no option to do this. I will look into it when I return and have time to go through bugs reported and suggestions. Thanks, Simon.

      • Kevict Yen

        Thanks Simon! Enjoy your travels and looking forward to a solution. It is greatly appreciated!

  • First Peoples

    LOVE THIS! But I am having a CSS problem. The title of the post is in a very large font. How do I fix that? Here is the page:

    • Tom Harrington

      The way I did it was to go into your theme css stylesheet and change your h1, h2, h2 a: style.

      • First Peoples

        Thanks Tom. I’m good with plug ins but get nervous when I try and edit manually. How would I do that?

        • shibbard

          Each summary posts is contained in a div with class=”pfpItem”, so you can override styles by setting them in the WP stylesheet “styles.css”.

          E.g. add this to the end of your styles.css file (for h1, h2 etc):

          .div.pfpItem h1{font-size:20px;}

          • First Peoples

            OK, I tried this. Nothing changed. Is there a delay for when changes take effect?

            I added this to the bottom of style.css

            .div.pfpItem h1{font-size:10px;}
            .div.pfpItem h2{font-size:10px;}
            .div.pfpItem h3{font-size:10px;}


          • shibbard

            sorry my fault accidentally had a dot ‘.’ before the ‘div’. A dot indicates to style a class not a html element.

            div.pfpItem h1{font-size:10px;}
            div.pfpItem h2{font-size:10px;}
            div.pfpItem h3{font-size:10px;}

          • First Peoples

            Your awesome, that did it. Thanks!

          • David


            Trying to do the same, but after about 45 minutes of fiddling I can’t figure out what I’m missing here. Has this changed and is not working exactly the same way any longer?

            Example page:

            You can see where the list of posts begins as the H1/H2 etc tags are obviously outsized.

            The div.pfpItem{font-size:12px;} performed as expected, but the H# tags are not.

            Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

            Looking at the source for the page I see:

            … … ..

            It appears the h2 css definitions in the sytle sheet are over-riding div.pfpItem h1{font-size:10px;} still. I don’t know enough to figure out why exactly.


  • Tom Harrington

    Thanks the plugin is just what I was looking for. One change I’d like to be able to make is to have smaller post titles and the category name. How do I hook onto the css to be able to do this? Are they h1 tags? Thanks!!

    • Tom Harrington

      I found out how to do it myself. It was as simple as changing the h2, h2 a: font-size in my child css. Works great!!

  • Danny B

    is it possible to limit the number of lines pulled in from the referenced post/page? ie before you get the read more option. I have 5 lines previewed from the post but I only want 2 maximum

  • Tom Harrington

    Is there a way to change the distance between the image and the text? I would like, if possible for the text in my posts to be closer to the images making the page a little more compact. How do I use CSS to make this happen? Thanks!!

    Here’s what I’m talking about:

    • Tom Harrington

      Disregard – Thanks I figured it out. I was using a plugin called ‘add to any’ which is a social network sharing plugin that was adding another div between the image and the text.

  • Scott

    In the future, it would be great to be able to strip out the author and photo captions from the post summaries. Thanks for the pluggin.

  • chaplaindoug

    The “Older Posts” issue is caused by the query_posts call. You can fix your plugin! Please see the following article and it will provide your code fix. I implemented the fix in a page template and it fixed the problem. Thank you.

    Please advise when fixed!

  • Ron Merk

    Hi There – great plugin … one question. For some reason I’m only getting the excerpt. The title of the article/post is not displaying. The short code I’m using is:

    [posts-for-page cat_slug='dating' num='1' read_more='Read The Entire Article »' force_image_width='150']

    Any suggestion greatly appreciated.

  • devtools.korzh

    It’s really helped me!

  • karl Wiesner

    Thank you for this great plugin.

  • imdiane

    I see that there is an option to hide “read more”, but I cannot figure out how to use this option. Could someone please help me?

  • imdiane

    How can I limit the number of posts that show up on a page? Is there a setting or option somewhere?

  • devtools.korzh

    Thanks for the plugin!

  • DJ

    Thanks you !!! This plugin helped me in great deal. How can I have facebook, twiiter, linkedin icons appear at the bottom of the page? I have enabled them but they do not appear through your plugin. much appreciated

  • Gary Horne

    Good afternoon,

    I have a photography page with many posts regarding visits that I have done and the images I have captured.

    I also have a menu tab at the top and within this, I have “Portfolio”

    When you click on Portfolio, a drop down menu shows you pages such as Sunsets, Light painting etc.

    What I would like is when you click on Sunsets, it displays all the posts associated with Sunsets.

    I have read your installation and copied the text …

    posts-for-page cat_slug=’asp-net-programming-2′

    Into the text / HTML tab next to visual amd I changed ’asp-net-programming-2′ to sunsets and in a post I added sunsts to the slug.
    I saved and when I clicked on sunsets in the menu bar, there was no posts in there.
    I am currently using the Hatch theme.
    I thank you in advance
    Gary Horne

  • Iana

    Hi Simon! I am really loving the plugin, it was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!! When I added the code to my page:

    [posts-for-page cat_slug='beats-to-sweat-to' show_meta='false' create_para_tags='true' use_wp_exceprt='true']

    I have one entry without the post image and the second with the post image and the blurb floating to the right. I really like that look and would like to apply it to all of my posts. How can I do this? I’m not sure how it happened in the first place lol!

    I added hide_image=’false’ to see if that would work but it didn’t. Any thoughts? I would greatly appreciate it! Here’s a link to my page so you can see what i’m talking about

    Thanks a bunch!!

  • ‘Trick Slattery

    Great plugin. Is there a way to prevent the image from croppng (e.g. if it is a rectangle…preserve it’s shape rather than force into a square box)?

  • Nadine Sabulsky


    The plug in seemed to be working fine, until I added a new post to the category. Now it is displaying the new post, and 3 of the previous posts, but somehow skipping the last most recent post in the display. I added the num shortcode with a higher number than the actual amount of posts in the category, but that didn’t help either. What can I do to ensure that ALL the posts from the category are displayed?

    Here is the code I am using:

    [posts-for-page cat_slug='client-video' num='20' hide_images='true' show_full_posts='false' next_text=' ' read_more=' ']

    And the pages it is displayed on: &

    And the category itself (where all 5 posts show up):

    The post that is getting “skipped” or not being displayed with the posts-for-page plugin is the second one down on the category page.

    Please let me know how I can get all the posts to display. Thank you!

  • David Trounce

    I have been using this plug-in for years and its great. Simon, is there a way to change number of words in the excerpt?

    • ronsman

      Use the WP Plugins Editor to edit posts-for-page.php. Find the string “$atts[‘length’] = 50” and change the “50” to your preferred length.

  • Audrey Womack

    The plug-in is not pulling the featured image. Both posts here have a featured image loaded.

    The code Im using is [posts-for-page cat_slug='food']

    Thank you

    • Audrey Womack

      i also tried this and it doesnt seem to work

      [posts-for-page cat_slug='fitness-2' num='5' read_more='
      use_wp_excerpt='true' show_meta='true' force_excerpt_image='true'


      • Zabelator

        This Plugin was hiding my featured images, and since their was no image it didnt show one. I was able to get it to work by putting the same image as the feature image in the top of the blog post when I created it, then removing the image from the post and leaving it as the featured image. This caused the plugin to use it for the image, and the rest of the wordpress site to use it as well. Just thought I would pass that along

  • Prabhashwara ChandraPadma

    Dude, this saved my blog 😀 !!! Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Joe

    Is there any way to just display the featured image instead of the plugin pulling an image form the post. I am getting images displaying from the all over the content my posts. I really just want the excerpts to display the featured image.

  • natemobley

    I would love to see an option for changing the heading from h2 to something of my choice. Maybe you could add the parameter heading=’h3′

  • natemobley

    It looks like the plugin pulls the first image from the post for the thumbnail. Can you add a check to see if there is a featured image and load that for the thumbnail if it exists?

  • Micheál Reidy

    I’m having a problem where, if I limit the number of posts on a page to a certain amount (say 5) when I click on the link to “older posts” nothing comes up but a blank page. Anyone else encounter this?

    • David Trounce


      Another poster here has said this, you could try it.

      “I had the same problem.But finally I found a lazy fix 😀
      error happens when you make that page your static home page..It will
      not let you browse pages,instead of that it will return you to the first

      You can check an example here :

      Fix is this
      Create another page called ‘Pages’ (or any name) – (lets think its URL slug is ).
      And add the same short code you used in your static page.
      Now after saving that page..Change your static page short code to

      [posts-for-page num='10' prev_text='Refresh' next_text='Refresh' author='author']
      Older Posts

      .change author & with your own detials

      That’s it save the page ! Reply if you want any help :)”

      (from Prabhashwara ChandraPadma)

  • Ye Htut

    posts & title are different. What Should I repair for this problems.? Help Me

  • Ye Htut

    posts & title are different. What Should I repair for this problems.? Plz Help Me

  • Ye Htut

    I lost post’s title. how to fix it. thz

  • Conservative Biker

    Like the plug in, But the post categroy in the page actually show up in “narrowed” format on the page in question, Page using code: and the post in its orginal foramt:

    Any ideas about why it displays in a narrow format?

  • Conservative Biker

    Like the plug in, But the post category in the page actually show up in
    “narrowed” format on the page in question, Page using code: and the post in its

    Any ideas about why it displays in a narrow format?

  • Conservative Biker

    I went back to the page editor on the page that utilizes the code (looking to copy it over to another page) and the code is not visible in either viewing tab. Is this common? How can I “Copy” the code that was previously inserted? ( It is not a matter of font color,etc. It is just not there, but it functions.

  • EllieSmarks

    Lots of people have asked this question – is there a way to use the featured image as the thumbnail, not a random image from the post? TIA! xx

  • Ivan Degiorgio

    Hi, Is it possible to display only Title and Image? I am using this >> [posts-for-page hide_post_content='true' hide_read_more='true' order_by='date' num='10' force_image_width='200' tag_slug='tag'] << but only the post title is being displayed and no image. Thanks!

  • Rick

    Is there anyway to force this plugin to use the “featured image” attached to the post as the small image that is displayed, rather than having the plugin just select an image on the post page to use?

    • Carmen Lizzy

      Nope. There is no such a way.

  • Frank Johnson

    When I use hide_read_more=’true’, it hides the “Read more” but not the preceding ellipsis. Is there a way to now show the ellipsis as well?


  • Zabelator

    This Plugin was hiding my featured images, and since their was no image for the post, it didnt show one. I was able to get it to work by putting the same image as the feature image in the top of the blog post when I created it, then removing the image from the post and leaving it as the featured image. This caused the plugin to use it for the image, and the rest of the wordpress site to use it as well. Just thought I would pass that along

  • Greg Paller

    I love this plugin. It gives me so much flexibility to organize my website/blog the way I really want it. I can now put specific posts or categories of posts on specific pages without being beholden to the WP organizational limitations.

    I have one question though. If I am only putting the title and excerpt of the post on a page, how do I add some indication that there are comments associated with the post?

    Great job guys!

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  • Rick Janson

    Hi ~ I’m excited to use this plug-in, but am having trouble getting it to work. “Items for Page: There are no posts that match the selection criteria.” I am inserting the short code [posts-for-page cat_slug=’Bonnie-Brae-Video-Market-Reports′] in HTML editing mode, and copied that slug straight from the post category list (adding the hyphens). Thoughts? is the host page. Thanks!

  • Pingback: suwonit – posts-for-page

  • style.b8sics

    This plugin works great! However, when I posted today, the post that was populated to the page I use this plugin for, added an extra thumbnail to the preview. How do I get ride of this second thumbnail??

  • Eric

    Hi Friends….kindly send content limit shortcode plz

  • Crina Pop
  • Zubair Ismail

    I was also having similar errors on my site as other users here are saying about…Thanks to the solution givers…They helped alot 🙂

  • Kenny Luna

    Hi, im using the code in the page but all the posts are showing up, instead of the psots for the specifid category…

  • Tony

    I suppose adding posts-for-page on a single post is producing a loop..
    If that’s true, is it avoidable?

  • Tony

    Broken image if the path has a space (%20) in it..

  • Mandy Davis

    I too love this plugin. I am having some link issues. My WordPress site is set to have a static home page as the front of the site so the “read more” buttons and link on the blog title take you back to the homepage instead of the blog. Is there a way around that so that the buttons link to the right places?

    • Tony

      I faced this before..
      A quickfix is to hide it, and put a manual link below posts to get you back to posts page..

  • Mack

    I cannot add my text to the top of the page and then have the posts listed below.

    • Tony

      Hi mack, what do you get?

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  • disqus_v1y5Cfwegl

    How do I instal this plugin im new to this and having trouble

  • DeirdreníDhubhghaill

    Hi there I love the plugin

    I have query

    Is it possible display the date with out the author (my website is displaying details i don’t want it to show for author with this plugin)
    show_meta : set to ‘true’ to show post date and author name –
    [posts-for-page cat –=’posts′ num='12' show_meta='true']

    Thank you


    By the way discus is like a virus it causes so many annoying issues

  • Rob Greer

    I’m working on a site with a static home page and thus the “Older Entries” hypertext loops back to the home page and displays the same blog post [as others have reported here several times]. I’d like to either a) fix it so that the “Older Entries” at the very least goes to my “Blog” page that shows all posts [preferred] or b) remove the “Older Entries” hyper text. Any ideas anybody?

  • Belinda

    Plugin is easy to use and works well but like a few other people have asked is there a way to force the plugin to use the Featured Image from the post rather than grabbing a random image itself?????

  • Benoj

    I really liked your plugin and would like to use it in my website. Would you be able to add a ‘Grid’ layout rather than list view layout. We are happy to discuss the rates if that works well with the theme we are using(Avada).

  • Sue Skelton

    I have recently updated to WordPress 4.0. Now my Posts for Page seem to be a bit unpredictable. On this page, the featured images used to show. Now the first few are missing but the oldest one is OK –

    On this page it looks better (using an image from within the page rather than a featured image) –

    Both pages use the same shortcode, except the cat-slug is different, obviously.

    Is there anything I can do about this or is it just not compatible with WordPress 4? I will be sorry to have to try and find a new plugin to do this, yours worked so well before.

  • Kyler Locke

    Is there a way to force the post images to align a specific direction?

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  • Bean

    is there a way to remove Older Entries from the page. I have this on the home page as well as the blog page and it works great on the blog page, but on the home page I am getting an error

  • Abdul Rehman

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  • Andrea Ewanishan

    Is there still no way to have the feature image display rather then an image from the content?

    • Donna Muniz

      I don’t think this plugin is being supported… I need to know this also. It is grabbing my Share on Twitter image that is displayed on each post. Love the plugin but this program just grabbing any image it can find… I guess I am forced to make sure an image is listed on the page…. what a pain.

  • Randy Dennison

    Randy Dennison • a few seconds ago
    Hi I’m using the Plugin – Google Quick ratings – Version 1.2 | By Philip Newcomer in my posts and I’m trying to get the star ratings featured with the posts that are being displayed ont he page by way of your plugin. Is there anyway I can do that? If not, do you know of any other plugin that can do that. I’ve searched for over 6 hours now.
    thanks for your help and for your plugin

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  • Bryan Harrison

    For anyone having issues where you want to use the featured image, there is some code you can change that’ll make that possible. First make a copy of posts-for-page.php (dont destroy the original). Then find this line (around line 300 or so) and uncomment it (remove the backslashes): //$thumb = get_the_post_thumbnail($child->ID,array(60, 60, true));

    next find where $imageSrc is being set at about line 380, search for “$imageSrc = ‘<img'". This is where you can put in a conditional statement to either continue on with this silly idea of stripping out the images and doing whackadoodle things, OR using the featured image that you would expect to show up! Replace this:

    $imageSrc = 'ID ).'” />’;

    With this:

    if ($thumb != ”) {$imageSrc = $thumb;}
    else{$imageSrc = ‘ID ).'” />’;}

    What we’re doing is fist allowing the plugin authors original code to grab the post image and put in in the variable $thumb. Then we’re telling his method further down the page “hey, if we’ve got a featured image, use that instead of whatever you were about to grab”

    Before making this change I had posts being randomly assigned images from the whole media library in spite of the facts that 1. They already had a featured image set 2.They had the same featured image set as the first image in the post and 3.The images being chosen weren’t even associated with the post in any way! Not in the post, not attached to the post, nada, nothing! Now all my images are displaying correctly. Hope this helps people!

  • Bryan Harrison

    For anyone having issues where you want to use the featured image, there is some code you can change that’ll make that possible. Before making this change I had posts being randomly assigned images from the whole media library in spite of the facts that 1. The posts already had a featured image set 2.They had the same featured image set as the first image in the post and 3.The images being chosen weren’t even associated with the post in any way! Not in the post, not attached to the post, nada, nothing! Now all my images are displaying correctly. Hope this helps people!

    First make a copy of posts-for-page.php (dont destroy the original).

    Second find the line where the $thumb variable is being commented out by the plugin author (around line 300 or so) and uncomment it (remove the backslashes):

    Third find where $imageSrc is being set at about line 380, (search for “$imageSrc”). This is where you can put in a conditional statement to either continue on with this silly idea of stripping out the images and doing whackadoodle things, OR using the featured image that you would expect to show up! Replace the whole line with what I’ve included in the picture.

    Fourth, upload your new custom copy to your theme (hopefully you’re using a child theme and you’ve set up your folders correctly)

    Lastly, make sure that there is no whitespace before or after your php tags. After I made these changes I started getting a “headers already sent” warning. At first it seemed that uncommenting the $thumb was the problem, but nope. I took out the php close and open tags near the top of the page, and made sure that no whitespace was before or after the remaining open and close tags and it all now works.

    In conclusion: what we’re doing is allowing the plugin authors original code to grab the post image and put in in the variable $thumb. Then we’re telling his method further down the page “hey, if we’ve got a featured image, use that instead of whatever you were about to grab”.

    • Crystal Pacheco

      Your idea seems promising but its not working for me… I still dont get any featured thumbnails. I would copy n paste the php file, but its too long. Can you email me the new file?

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    Love the plugin, it works great except that I have a multi-author site. It doesn’t recognize the 2nd or 3rd author as ‘author’. Is there any way to fix this?

  • aimee danger

    This plugin works great. I’d love a way to filter by a category and tag; IF a post is in a category AND has this tag, instead of IF/OR.

  • Integral Strategy

    A great plugin. I’d like to sort posts in ascending order by title, but order_by=’title’ order=’ASC’ isn’t working. Is there something else I need to do? Thank you.

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    Is there a way to get the text to not wrap around images? I have posts that have images at the top of the post with text underneath. Even when I use the first word still manages to wrap around the image. Please help.

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  • Jason

    I’m only getting the most recent 24 posts of a cat_slug. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  • dan

    I’m new to this, I cant for the life of me get this to work. If I have a website and i have a category of blog posts called “alphabet” how do i create a page that shows only posts under the category “alphablet? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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